Happy Canada Day

Canada Day at Trafalgar Square looks set to bring a true taste of the big country to London again for 2013, with Canadian food and drink, sports and live music. Catch some great street hockey games, a band or two, or just chow down on some authentic Canadian grub.

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Saker S-1 Personal Jet

A private plane isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Your own private jet. Now  for about $5 million you can actually own one courtesy of the team at Saker Aircraft. The Saker S-1 Personal Jet is the most badass way to travel through the skies. Inspired by military fighter jets, the S1 can reach speeds just shy of Mach 1 (Mach .99 to be exact). While the tandem 2 seater looks like something the military would use, there’s no actual military training required to fly it. You do need to be a trained pilot though, but if you do run into […]

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Places I wanna be right now: Vol 1

Tropea, Calabria, Southern Italy. The garden of Saiho Ji in Kyoto, Japan. Sagrada Família Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain Atlantic Ocean Rd, Norway The Dunes of Lencois, Brazil Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California La Grotta Cove, Corfu Island, Greece Vintgar Gorge, Triglav National Park, Slovenia Qikeng Don in Wulong, China Valloires Abbey Garden, France Blanket Bay Lodge, New Zealand Tulip Fields, Amsterdam

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