Book of Color

Creative book showcases all possible colors that the human eye can see. “RGB Colorspace Atlas” has 3,632 pages filled with beautiful colors. Different colors are formed using the mixture of Red, Green, and Blue. Unique book was created by Daniel E. Kelm and Tauba Auerbach.  

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Why so serious!

Why So Serious? is a meme based on the famous line from the 2008 film The Dark Knight. As the film dominated at the box offices, the meme became a viral sensation. Fans would draw The Joker’s face over themselves, celebrities, and other individuals and write “Why so serious?” across the image. Origin Before the film had even come out, the line was already being used as a marketing campaign. This included the creation of in May of 2007, which gave hints and clues about the Joker’s persona, and his plans for Gotham CIty. Several similar sites were made, mostly featuring images with […]

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