Church Tanks

Thought-provoking sculptures created by talented American artist Kris Kuksi. Beautiful church buildings are combined with powerful military tanks. Unique sculptures make people think about religion and war. Check out more from Kris Kuksi

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Goodbye, My Brothers Ninja Turtles Death Art

Created by artist Joao Pires (goes by DeadPea on DeviantArt), the aptly titled “Goodbye, My Brothers…” collection sees all four of our favorite turtles mourning the deaths of their fallen brothers. Seeing that Raphael has always been our favorite, we thought that would be our number one pick , but it’s clear that the Leonardo illustration is the real winner in this series.

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Minions Dressed Up as Film Characters

Whether you’ve seen the sequel to Despicable Me or not, chances are good you know exactly who the Minions are. These yellow colored, cylinder shaped creatures are the most notable characters from the film, and we’ve definitely been infatuated with them since the original movie hit the big screen back in 2010.

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